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Dreamland - Part Two is now available!

The Walk was my NaNoWriMo project in 2015 that blossomed into a 250k word first draft.


I am no in the early editing stages of The Walk, although I currently do not have a publication timeline. Work shuffles between this project and Dreamland - Part Three, so expect both books to be published within the next couple of years.


Dreamland - Part Three was my NaNo project for 2016. I completed NaNo as well as half the manuscript. I am currently still working on the first draft and tackling the monster that will bring book two of The Phoenix Curse to a close. 

I am very optimistic about this installment and cannot wait until it is ready to publish.

In 2014, my NaNoWrimo project opened the doorway to a true supernatural world, and I was able to take a step away from the grisly horror that abounds in The Phoenix Curse.


Unfortunately, after I hit the 50k words I needed to complete NaNoWrimo, I 'took a break' from that storyline and have not returned since. This series has the potential to be even bigger than The Phoenix Curse, so this project might be on the back burner for a while. I cannot tackle two beasts at once.


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